Typical 93 Line on broadcast (っ⌒з⌒)っ୧(ಠ_ಠ)


me farting for 30 minutes would be a better Emmy nomination choice over the Big Bang theory

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'Robin Thicke's album Paula sells fewer than 54 copies in Australia After selling just 530 copies of Paula in the UK, Robin Thicke's miserable week continues with his grimmest sales figures yet'


That girl is without a doubt, the lowest, most awful creature to ever walk the planet!  

The Parent Trap. (1998)

so i just found out this guy that i sort of kind of maybe liked a bit (in an abstract ‘oh he’s pretty’ way) from my high school is going to be in this new tv show?????

Down in Paris they walk fast. That is, unless they’re walking slow. And in cafes they look away. That is, unless they look right in. And in the gardens I get lost. That is, unless I’m getting found. And if you are the ghost of New York city. Won’t you stick around?

Ne me quitte pas, mon chere…

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140705 ShimShimTaPa

M: I speak 3 languages. Mandarin, American language (ఠ_ఠ) and korean

SD: American language?

GOT7: Hahaha

SD: Can you speak mandarin for us?

M: Mandarin? I’ll have a convo with Jackson

YG: Have a mixed up convo with Jackson hyung

J: (kr) Hyung how are you feeling today?

M: (chi) Still fine, you?

J: (eng) I’m just alright you know

M: (eng) Yeah, I’m just tired

J: (eng) I’m a little bit (chi) just a little

J: (chi) What is the time now?

M: (kr) It’s 1am now?

J: (chi) Have you eaten?

M: (eng) Ah I ate. (chi) What have you eaten?

J: I have not eaten. I only ate a burger in the morning (eng) and…

M: (chi) Yes yes yes yes yes

J: (eng) Aftershow

M: (kr) Arirang?

J: (eng) Yeah

J: (eng) What are you going to do when you go back to the (kr) dorm?

M: (kr) I’ll sleep

J: (chi) Sleep? You’re going to sleep this early?

M: (chi) Yes.. We have a (kr) broadcast (chi) tomorrow

J: (chi) Are we going to Eat GalBiTang later?



The worst part about liking classical music is when you forget the name of a piece and you can’t google the lyrics because there are none



me when i’m wearing new clothes

  • Yesterday's match: 0-0 *blinks* 0-5
  • Today's match: 0-0 /feeds pets/cooks a full 3 course dinner/eats/takes a nap/wakes up/ still 0-0

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Favorite Relationships: Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift